InnerWatch™ is a web and mobile gate pass management system for facility security teams to track vehicle access authorization.


Eliminates the need for paper and increases the speed of vehicle entries and departures


Reduce non-essential vehicle access and improve logging and monitoring of authorized vehicles

Centralized Control

Acts as a thorough identification system for the vehicles that security teams allow on-site


Ensures your teams can register visitors ahead of visits so they are automatically approved at the gate

Multi-Site Support

Control vehicle access for multiple facilities' gates via a web application dashboard

Pass Types

Differentiate employees vs. contractors with mupltiple types of passes(ex: weekend, night, temp, etc.)


If a feature you want isn't in the platform, we can build it for you and add it to the system

White Label

We utilize your organization's logo and color palette to support your branding efforts

Let’s Talk About How InnerWatch™ Can Help You



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    Toyota needed a solution for managing access for approved vehicles at its manufacturing facilities. Our team created a customized version specifically for Toyota’s requirements. After implementation, what were the results?


    • The first facility saw a significant reduction in pass access
    • Minimized manual activity by the security team
    • Better management of who can enter facilities
    • Improved how quickly vehicles can enter and exit at checkpoints/gates
    • Allows for the identification of vehicles on-site within facilities
    • Expanded parking spaces for approved vehicles be removing access for those not approved

    Let’s Talk About How InnerWatch™ Can Help You


      Your world is made of the places you secure and the people you protect.

      InnerWatch can help your security team manage vehicle access.

      Contact us today to discuss your facility’s needs.

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